How Are The People In The Crossfit Games To Huge?

and the measurements and all that?

mrflanagan47 Seems like we have a few members in here who aren’t doing so hot.

Tweeker, stop tossing your life away! You can be just as strong as anyone else IF you put in the work! Seriously, could someone tell this guy that he has to eat MORE than anyone else eats to be just slightly stronger? If I was eating what you’re eating I would be dead. And powerlifters eat more than Olympic lifters…dude…you really don’t know anything about lifting…. Ever lift a barbell before? Even a dumbbell? Strength is easy to learn once you learn what’s going on with calculaton of force and bodyweight ratios. Listen up kid…if you want to get stronger, dial back how much shit you’re putting into yourself and start building muscle mass. If I had 10lbs on me when I started training for powerlifting, ya ass wouldn’t squat 1,000 lbs at 198 lbs right now.. Just give it time.

Where does it say that half of size is from food?? Someone talk some sense into him please….. He talks out his ass because he knows nothing about nutrition………… The dude needs a good lesson boy!!!! Get over yourself maybe?! People need to either shut their mouths or step up for themselves for gods sakes!!

Rev Dr Hootdown Oh well here comes Tiger Balm once again……………

How Many Teams From Each Region To The Crossfit Regionals?

This question comes up a lot within the Crossfit community. One of the biggest challenges with adapting to Regionals is deciding on a big enough field size while keeping registration costs at a minimum. After years of testing different rules and regions looking for the “best” ways to conduct Regionals, we have decided there are three different options that you can choose from: Option A: No regionals held in your territory In this scenario, you will qualify for Regionals directly through your Affiliate. They will send us their regions qualifying scores, and based on those scores we will allocate teams based on where each team should be placed in regards to their competitive standards. You do not need to compete in any events leading up to the regional event itself (in most cases). The top 32 male & female teams will qualify directly into Regionals without having to compete at any non-regional competitions including qualifiers or season finales. We also reserve the right for teams outside of #32 in some cases (such as athletes that finish well beyond an Affiliate’s allotted region) if there is space left after filling out teams through this option. This does not mean every team entered into an Affiliate is guaranteed qualification; it simply means that if all 33 places are taken, then remaining spaces must be filled with qualified athletes competing at other sanctioned events or workouts until all 33 spaces are filled with qualified athletes byathonarcher · over 1 year ago 12 Thumbs up 2


how are the people in the crossfit games to huge?


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