German Vegan Vaping Atheist Engeneer Who Does Crossfit?

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

What’s your fitness routine? You guessed it! Crossfit, kettlebells, sprinting. And as soon as I step on the scales and see a loss I obsessively play around with recipes to reduce cholesterol intake – which is non for Vegans – until I have a weight where progress is more focused on health than appearance. Use of steroids is a big no-no in my book so having an aesthetic focus comes hand-in-hand with being vegan.

As far as ethical issues go… well if you tell people you’re vegan they will feed you everything from steak to eggs without batting an eyelid, but ask them why and that suddenly becomes difficult? My response always falls back into language issues but that doesn’t make me any less ethical or ethical at all; it just means we don’t understand one another very well about food and the effect it has on both our bodies and minds (which is like cooking: under appreciated). The sad thing for me now (I was never scared about meat before) is not only am I unsure whether what my body needs or wants can be derived from plants; but also that most people whose reasoning goes something like “well this isn’t really needed anyway because you can like *insert plant* raw…etc. etc., etc. etc. So stop whining! It sucks when bigots fuck over marginalized groups too – we should be

How Points Are Awarded For Teams In The Crossfit Open?

The Crossfit Open awards points based on the WODs that were completed. Teams will compete for 1st through 12th places in each team category and 7th through 16th places overall after team scores are totaled. Providing a video or a description of your workout is totally fine! Uploading a video does not guarantee a spot, but helps immensely! If you have any questions about how points work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected] Who Can Enter? Currently, individuals can crossfit as much as they choose during the Open as well as teams composed of 5-8 members from anywhere in the world. Team sponsorships are available – contact us today if you’re interested! The Open is set up so that anyone working towards their first pull up can go about training.. after all, who doesn’t want to do 10 pull ups before breakfast?! Feel free to tell people what a badass you are though – it never hurts 🙂

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german vegan vaping atheist engeneer who does crossfit?

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