Do You Know How I Know You Crossfit?

all the magazines you have read, all your articles on crossfit websites…your a douchebag.

anybody who works out more than one day a week is a douchebag. not just mr bodybuilder or some girl that can deadlift over 240 pounds while being pregnant. i know all of that stuff goes into improving your fitness level and the weight of weights hasn’t got anything to do with it!

anybody can get 20 pushups in less than 5 seconds, but only the ones who see the results everyday will keep seeing progress. had you been doing 100 pushups 2 months ago? how many did you do today? if your trying hard right now to improve your fitness no matter what, maybe try 30% of yesterday’s workout each day. it will help out a lot more then going nuts with weight training every friday night before work!

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everyone knows world records are set in championship events therefore there is no such thing as an “amateur” athlete so when i deadlift 500 pounds and perform mental tasks when lifting 300 my mind stops when i reach 500 so boring!

your pistol squat form sucks…you bent your back and kicked your butt in college and coach told you that was fine because everyone does it anyway but after years of powerlifting and learning proper technique shit has changed…i don

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CrossFit WOD, October 14, 2021 – Crossfit Restoration

do you know how i know you crossfit?


Podcast, October 14, 2021 – Crossfit WODs CrossFit Xtreme Fitness (CFXF) WOD (Week 18), October 13, 2019 – CrossFit Strength and Conditioning (CFS) Routine of the Day: 5 Rounds For Time of: 20 Burpees Men: 90/35# Women: 75/35# Rest as needed! Men and women use a 20lb and 15lb dumbbell respectively. Set up five stations with barbells at each station. Individuals will alternate performing burpees on one side of the room before moving on to their next station. CFS WOD Series 2018 – Week 12 | Tuesday 10/13/18 – CrossFit West Jacksonville FL WodCaller Rob Corcoran’s Blog | @robcorcoran | Oct 9, 2011 – Welcome to “Your Guide To The Bodyweight Conditioning System” where I break down … videos and resources for you to download and use with your own programming. Videos … And they all work together to train your whole body through the anatomy we call the Functional Movement Screen — what we do during fitness assessments is heat up our muscles that we want to activate more for getting into better shape by testing strength or cardiovascular endurance or some combination thereof. In 2009 I coauthored a book entitled Your Personal Trainer Just Died Because You Ate Her Out To Grunge With Extreme Weight Loss Training Techniques Unlike Other Systems…no