Do You Gain Weight When You Start Crossfit?

(jessie) when the workouts get harder i tend to eat more and take in more calories. when you can run through what used to be a heavy strength workout in less than 10 minutes, it is hard to fill up 3-4 meals with quality food. so my weight tends to go down when i am doing high intensity work outs where nutrition is not as important.

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I start this thread for people like me, but yes I like Crossfit (for the most part). It has helped me out quite a bit with my mental health and my body condition; but I’ve also noticed that I gained about 5 pounds over the past month + which probably isn’t too unusual after starting something new like this, especially if it’s intense (I guess best of luck). Thanks for asking though!

My goal was mainly arm aesthetics – I don’t care much about how tight any muscle gets because my arms are pretty nicely shaped already – but overall endurance looks good on every day basis too. So far so good, all things considered! I haven’t been doing WOD daily since mid-July though. That takes a while to build up from zero haha! Plus shoulder surgery from last November made holding weights more challenging which slowed down progress somewhat afterwards – life’s a mixed bag sometimes…

Thanks again everyone 🙂 I start this thread

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As the head coach of the premier military healthcare provider at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, I’m accustomed to seeing every possible injury you can think up. However, I’ve never received an injury quite like this one — especially not one so severe! Two weeks ago, our crossfit crew was practicing Olympic lifts with 65-pound kettle bells (yes, that’s actually how much weight they are). The men that were working out with me went through their sets and pectorals to become no more than tire pumps. At the end of the workout, two members completed all 11 sets; they were glowing and filthy; but most importantly — BEHIND! I thought it would be good for them to recover outside after their workouts. We decided on a mild hike in one of our local parks near my home in Washington DC. At approximately 75% capacity (during summertime), this trail is well suited for hikers looking to enjoy some fresh air while enjoying DC’s free outdoor spaces…after the workout of course!! This particular day was going great until we approached a steep uphill section about 50 yards from where we parked our car. Now-a-days many people carrying jogging strollers or walking two small children opt for a convenient stair block rather than walking up a steep hill with both arms swinging above your head as you carry what seems like fifty pounds worth of weight! Well this day happened to be an exception from those people as I understand

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do you gain weight when you start crossfit?


” I decided that I didn’t need junior by the time I was twelve. You know what? That’s okay. Sometimes you want to be old enough to understand things, but young enough for it not to matter. So I ditched my first attempt at ditching junior high school, where the only character on the cover of today’s newspaper is a girl who wants people to stop saying “you don’t have any hips!” and replaced it with my own, which wanted people to keep saying “you’re so cool!” And just like that I got myself whisked away on a cycle of hope-fueled transformation without ever once looking back.