Discover The Basics Of Crossfit & How You Can Get Started!?

Sarcoma is a type of cancer that affects bone and soft tissues. It can occur in organs, skin, bones, blood vessels, lymph nodes and bone marrow. In the ever popular ever-growing CrossFit Games world there have been two champion titles won by athletes diagnosed with sarcomas at or after their first competition – Kelly Baggett & Josh Bridges from Team Adidas/Reptilian Racing – just to name a few!

I have recently had my first Sarcoma surgery which was successful but it came as a surprise to me as I never thought I would take time away from lifting weights to do something else altogether.

However since then I’ve been doing lots of research on various forms of surgery for my condition so when I decided to get surgery I knew everything about what was being done so it seemed the logical choice if i wanted surgery for this condition in future & not want it affecting my fitness any more whilst recovering. From this point on my life changed forever & before reading article i had pretty much freedom with what i could eat but now surgery has put me back into strict pre-op diet followed by 6 months post-op diet for my own health!! So basically you need to listen to your doctor when he tells you what you need/can eat!! Whilst who needs food anyway before surgery!?

My surgeon in Adelaide is amazing & his team are also great in teaching me how things worked in preparation for recovery / post surgery etc

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Men’s Training & Gym Shoes

discover the basics of crossfit & how you can get started!?


– Reebok Product Description Reebok Men’s FLEXI TRAINER Training Shoes constructed w/ a contoured mesh upper that provides a lighter, more breathable feel on the foot. Flexi Technology enhances flexibility and cushioning while providing overall stability on the foot. Memory-Foam Cushioning combines with dual-density EVA in heel to provide midfoot support for all-day comfort. External heel counter secures your feet on the shoes for better alignment and midfoot support. Steel shank inserts at the arch of the foot offer more support and greater durability of this training shoe, ensuring you can get through your next workout session confident that it will last!