Crossfit Workshops On How To Run A Gym?

What about the coach who appeared in the documentary, Starting Strong? He was at CrossFit HQ for a few hours and said he studied with Coach Glassman once. How did that work out for him?

I know there are some business issues in play here. I can’t pretend to speak for all of them, but it seems like these coaches don’t get invited back so they stop showing up. There had to have been some kind of deal or arrangement made between someone on the staff of CFHQ and some CF affiliates so there would be professional coaching available when demand was high. But if this is still an issue today, it begs the question, why are CrossFit gyms using athletes as workout assistants/wannabes ? Are they being used to fill temporary openings or just paying their bills? Are they doing that because people don’t care how much experience you have had training people before? Is anyone monitoring their work ethic just to make sure they are meeting expectations? Would it at least help on day-to-day operations if coaches were involved with helping free weights get on people correctly ? What is the true mission behind their story at The Journal Sentinel today?

We will continue following this story as more details emerge over time…

When Does The Crossfit 2017 Games Documentary Come Out?

We don’t know when CrossFit Games 2017 Documentary will be released. As far as we know, the documentary is still in editing and it shouldn’t be too long before we see a trailer. The release date will depend on when the principal filming starts, but we expect the team to kick off their work relatively soon. The last time there was a delay with releasing another documentary was in December 2016 when Rogue Fitness: A Year of Redemption premiered in September after it had been filmed and edited and then went into post-production (the project started filming back in October 2015). While we don’t have an exact date for when the Crossfit Games 2017 Documentary movie will hit cinemas, we expect that whenever they start this month or soon after they wrap up filming it should be within two months at most (exceptions include Christmas holidays where delays could occur, although this isn’t very likely given how much time has passed since Rogue Fitness made its debut). Do you want to watch the new documentary about CrossFit? Let us know your thoughts below!

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crossfit workshops on how to run a gym?


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