Crossfit What Can I Do On A Rest Day?

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Rest days can be one of the most undervalued and over looked. And to be honest it seems like it is because we take rest days for granted. The truth is that if you train properly, rest day should not be a thought process but rather an automatic part of your plan. With proper preparation and maintenance you should feel energized and prepared yet not beat up and drained by the time you get home from work and/or training and even more so once you go to bed. It becomes very easy to let this energy build up which will lead to extreme exhaustion the next day no matter how hard or hard not you slept the night before as well as what amount of sleep your body normally needs during that time frame as well as feeling mentally depleted as soon as waking up in the morning with little to no motivation what so ever(not cool).

In order to prepare here are some tips on ways I try to relieve my mind from any stress associated with working out: 1) Sleep! Or at least make sure I’m getting a solid night’s rest inside a complete dark room with 8-10 hours(depending on age) sleep per night along with 5+ hrs work per day, 2) Focus on things other than workout/training- This can be anything from exercising into your favorite book or TV show just through reading or watching even focusing on breathing exercises. 3) Eat Whole foods – Nut

Crossfit Owners What Do You Pay Your Staff??

Views: 5,692 Port Coquitlam CrossFit 145 likes this Quote Select Post Select Post Deselect Post Deselect Post Link to Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Member Back to Top Post by cscofitness on So everyone has their own way of paying for staff. I don’t mind the minimum wage outright – it seems fair enough, but sometimes better benefits are worth the cost. For example, my coach asked me for between $80-120/wk in prep talk time per month, so he started donating food / lodgings / travel expenses to my school lunch program at school too. Since I’m not out of the house all day every day, I probably could have personally paid him more, but it’s a reasonable amount plus some sponsorships.


crossfit what can i do on a rest day?


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