Crossfit, Until What Time Can Your Box Validate Your Score?

RM: We use the same kip increment for both classes which is different to the international standard. The first four attempts are counted for scoring (which can be seen here). We go up in increments of .5 after every attempt. The only exception is after you complete your initial attempts, if a score improvement has been made, we use a higher increment immediately. Our scores also aren’t recorded until the day after they have been achieved so as to avoid making you feel rushed or put under pressure. You learn best from challenges and consistency- especially when it comes to achieving high-intensity fitness goals!

Do you coach women?

Questioner: I just want to ask how do they perform against men? How many participants are there per session e.g., what does that look like per session etc.? I was just wondering…I love CrossFit but is this something that would appeal to females more than males?

RM: A lot of boxes generally admit a slight bias towards a male clientele, however we don’t with ours because we cater for all members of the community – male and female alike, male and female athletes. So yes definitely! It is great seeing both men & women coming along whether its as an athlete or as regular member who enjoys getting fit alongside their family/friends etc….They come from various backgrounds including those which engage in combat sports such as rugby football/rugby league/boxing, martial arts etc., those that

Who Is The Crossfit Open Demo Girl 2017?

Who is the woman that will be taken out on stage at the Crossfit Games 2017 Open, and thrust into the spotlight? Well, that heavily depends on where you’re sitting. Some people want to know whether it’s Becca Voigt, who has made it this far in four divisions before falling short of victory all but once. Others are probably curious about Robynn Alleman, the ultimate underdog who came back from an injury-plagued 2016 season with a world title in her sights. Then there are those who would take a hard look at potential graybeards like Pernelle Morenau or Annie Thorisdottir to see if they can make a strong showing only a few months shy of their 40th birthdays. But for me personally I’m most intrigued by Rachael Fraser, one half of Team Lululemon Fire Ants. One thing that really needs to be addressed right off the bat though is that each person has been named “the demo girl” for different reasons. The thing is, both women have earned the moniker based upon body type and discipline alone so there isn’t much daylight between them when it comes down to talking power rankings for 2017! Oh yeah…that ever happens….right ladies?! But getting back on topic…confused about how these two girls stack up? Allow us a minute to sift through all things Rachael Fraser, then we


crossfit, until what time can your box validate your score?


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