Crossfit: Remember What You Have Learned; Apply What You Know?

Powerlifting stats: progress, failure, plateaus.

Chapter 4 – What Crossfitters Must Remember.

Let’s all pray that this isn’t just more of the same crap about ‘fighting gravity’ and some others who seem to think that they know better than the experienced hard-earned knowledge of thousands of athletes on an incredible journey towards greater potential. “Effort is the first key to performance! We aren’t aiming for personal bests here; no, we are aiming for one new max lift each week on the platform so that we can not only always improve but be able to push our bodies further than ever before without breaking ourselves!! And this can all be done in a small space by many people with little equipment or outside facilities…these are the things that keep people coming back together over time! GET THAT FUCKING ATTITUDE!!! I really wish they would take out what Dave describes as the “motivational crap!” This is not inspirational speaking intended at you guys specifically or at any particular brand or style of training overall. Not sure if this was also true 10 years ago when most people had jobs and were unable to train 4 times a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year….fuck I need to stop now. It is very interesting however where total solutions are being proposed rather then building on what has already been proven over time…the brilliance is lost here IMHO…

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crossfit: remember what you have learned; apply what you know?


Company Culture We embrace change with a ton of agency. We see the world as chaotic and unpredictable, yet we still want to create order out of chaos. We’re not afraid to fail; we’ve failed more than we’ll admit. It’s our willingness to fail that makes us realize the world is full of opportunities: some good, some bad, and all extremely costly if you ignore them or put up barriers (bottlenecks) to success. Even if those bottlenecks seem insurmountable at the time, they can often be bypassed once someone decides to take action and trust his or her instinct about what’s possible. The real magic behind our company is this: fostering deep human connections based on collaboration, trust and respect among all team members across diverse backgrounds and perspectives — no matter how unrelated they may seem — has always been our guiding principle. If it works for our culture, I believe it will work for yours! Salary: $50-$75K + Equity Package Requirements: