Crossfit Journal Article “What Is Fitness?”?

John: You’re treading on very thin ice there.

This is one of those issues where the answer depends strongly upon the question you’re asking. If by “fitness” we mean something like “what proportion of your personal energy budget do you spend on the processes that cause muscle growth and fat loss?”, then perhaps we could all be considered fit, whether it be couch potatoes or super-fit athletes. However, if fitness means something different (does someone who can send a dude flying through the air hundreds of feet with a single punch really deserve to call themself fit?) – then no – I don’t think being extremely strong or fast at one particular activity makes you unfit.

You are right though about ‘the concept that some activities are more suitable for certain body types than others is correct in most cases. A person whose glutes are just larger than their hamstrings will have an advantage over someone whose glutes are exactly equal to their hamstrings in terms of athletic performance…” It probably doesn’t help matters that this was written up by a guy called “Wendler Jr.” on some fitness forum on occasion belonging to these forums might want to change his user titles to reflect his true credibility next time he posts there 😉

As far as my comments go, they were intended as constructive criticism rather than anything else but I can see how people might take what

How Much Time Does A Crossfit Workout Take?

I’ve seen people use 5 minutes for a warm up, 30 minutes or so for lifting weights/body weight exercises, 90 minutes for running, 45-minute workout with yoga poses etc. Those are all great starting points to gauge your time accordingly. With CrossFit there are no set workouts should be used either. Do the workout YOU are capable of that day. Many times your “workouts” will not take more than 1 hour IF you have the correct workout plan – IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT WORKOUT PLAN! I encourage you to download them here: CLICK HERE! The best thing about these plans is that they have an unlimited amount of moves for every exercise and there’s even a circuit training program in it – it is known by many as “The Strongest On Earth”. These plans work well if your goal is strength without killing yourself (crossfit 101), but it would be better yet if you replace 2-3 days per week with this routine and then add in some cardio…but we’ll get there later 🙂 If you don’t want to read EVERYTHING on this site right now and still think CrossFit may be right for you please do yourself a favor and check out: CLICK HERE>>> This blog post will give extensive guidelines (over 1000 words) about how the fitness industry has been taking advantage of us at each step when we’re trying to achieve our goals when getting healthy/ fit/ strong meaning their salesmen try to convince us that….what

Montana team qualifies for CrossFit Games

crossfit journal article “what is fitness?”?


CrossFit Central Europe is proud to announce that the Montana team has reached the top 10 for this year’s CrossFit Games. With just 199 points remaining, they will be facing fierce competition from every region of the world and must place first in order to qualify for the 2018 CrossFit Games. The final workout of Phase 1 of Regionals is scheduled for Saturday, July 14 at 7:30 a.m. EST and CT at 9:00 a.m., AEST on More than 900 athletes from 34 countries across six continents competed at Regional qualifying events across 4 regions – North America, South America, Europe and Africa – as well as 11 Affiliate locations around the globe (Australia, New Zealand, Japan). More than 2200 individual athletes qualified over 40 events ranging from individual workouts through team competitions and event finals to championship events such as Regionals or Masters divisions! Coaching programs are also available here; team coaching programs provided by JABBB may be purchased for $20 per member and can be purchased onsite during Regional Qualifying weekend (July 13-14) with confirmation email prior to Friday evening or online prior to Saturday morning. You can also learn more about our coach certification program here!