Crossfit – How Do You Beat Rich Froning??



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Training 3 Days A Week How Long To Get Used To Crossfit?

Crossfit is a blend of the best fitness routines, training and exercises. You can select from many different types depending on the kind of workout you would like to commit yourself to: weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and more…. Some people may think it is too exhausting and difficult to endure the long workouts for 5-7 hours every day so I recommend you learned how to allow proper time for preparation and recovery before getting started. Also learn some form of exercise like yoga or pilates as most gyms offer discounts for those who partake in such activities during their memberships (crossfit). If you are not able to do cross-training then don’t worry there are plenty of free tutorials that will help guide your way!

The New Nike Metcon 6 Is the Brand’s Best All-Around CrossFit Shoe Yet

crossfit - how do you beat rich froning??


Nike’s Metcon series has always been one of the company’s best and most exclusive shoe lines — Nike Metcon 3, 4 and 5 were excellent performance-driven shoes that helped define the CrossFit Games and WOD. The latest iteration, the Metcon 6, is even better: it offers a stiffer, more supportive ride with greater protection through high abrasion zones at heel strike as well as additional lace vents to keep feet cool. If you’re looking for support for weighted movements like cleans (with or without weighted vests), pulls (progressionally heavier 16kg or 40lb barbells) and double-unders (doublerunners will appreciate this addition), there’s no reason to look further — just grab a pair of these Nikes and be ready to crush it. RELATED: The Best Running Shoes For CrossFit