Crossfit Games How Many Athletes Per Region Go To Regionals?

In general, athletes from each region get a seed allotment. If you want to be competitive at the national level, you’re going to have to compete in other regions. At this point, there are a handful of CrossFit Games athletes from all over the world who regularly go to country-level competitions. You can find out more about which countries send their athletes here:

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How Many Weeks Are The Crossfit Games??

The CrossFit Games, held in Madison, Wisconsin in August, are open to everyone. They are the largest competition of its kind in the world with more than 8,000 men and women from over 78 different countries taking part every year. Only the fittest athletes are chosen to perform at The Games. After completing Open workouts for each discipline for 9 months, top athletes go head-to-head at The CrossFit Games. Athletes perform two workouts back-to-back without stopping for total reps/time or rest time ranging from 16-18 minutes plus bonus exercises where necessary. Check out our blog post on how many weeks are the crossfit games explained here! Open Workout 1 Scaled – AMRAP 15 minutes 15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups + Push Ups Muscle Up Bar Muscle up section = 6 threads each min not to exceed 16 min Limit one thread per hand Repeat 3 times 45 Wall Balls 20 minute time cap

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crossfit games how many athletes per region go to regionals?


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