Crossfit Games How Can I See How My Gym Is Doing?

If you have an official Health Club that is a “front office” location, one would think you could get a glimpse of your current rank by going to the front desk and seeing how many members it currently has. They used this for a while, but eventually decided to pull back on their tracking system. Full Story»

2019 CrossFit Games Athletes | Inside The ‘CrossFit Games’ Who are the athletes invited to compete in this awesome sport? In 2013, CrossFit Games founder Greg Glassman opened up about the values of all the athletes who will compete at this year’s games. Full Story»

What Barbell Clamps Are Used In Crossfit Games?

The most common weightlifting technique used in the Crossfit Games is overhand style lifts. These include snatch, hip hinge, jerk, and clean and jerk (C&J). For these lifts it is necessary to use Barbell clamps for straps because of how tight they hold your lifting bar. Barbell clamps are also used for kettlebell movements like kettlebell snatch and swings. Crossfit has broken down weightlifting into four different categories: Powerlifting Weightlifting Olympic Weightlifting Power Muscle Building Long Term Health As you can see there are many different options with regards to weightlifting implements you can use when training at home or in a gym. If you’re looking for some unique ways to improve your strength in the gym there are tons of gadgets out there that will help boost your performance in no time! You might want to start with this article on which weight lifting gadget would be best suited for you!

CrossFit Zachary

crossfit games how can i see how my gym is doing?


, the gym formerly known as G-Force, stands on a corner of Front St. NE in Arlington, Minn., with dual entrances for men and women. The gym’s location offers both advantages and disadvantages. Front St. has high foot traffic by day, but it is far enough away from highway I-94 to avoid the noise often associated with large gyms during peak hours. Moreover, only two blocks further west would put them almost directly across from Gale Gunderson Park at 26th Ave SE and E Lake St SE, making it easy for people to take advantage of the outdoor amenities that are part of the tenant mix here at Fit 4 Less/Nordic Walkers/Fitness 21/CrossFit Zachary (to name just some). But what really sets CrossFit Zachary apart is its distinct focus on both group fitness classes and individual training sessions led by CrossFit Games champion trainer Clint Hoffman (thus earning it an affiliation with Team Fischer where Hoffman coaches his clients) along with more kickboxing-inspired exercises like “Punches Only” strength training sessions that emphasize heavy lifting over cardio activities like running or cycling.