Crossfit Coach Who Wrote About Crossfit Training For Ultra Distance?

Did anyone ask for his advice? Did he get any of the top prize money in the $200,000 series of long distance swims held most years by my local swimming club?

Now I often read about athletes struggling to handle fatigue and injuries they’ve no idea how to tackle. What does this say about our governing body, our support system and our attitudes towards “going under the radar” when we want to learn more about pacing strategies and endurance fitness training in general? Why do we begrudge serious athletes (myself included) trying something different when we don’t really know what it is we do daily with all these workouts, weights and reps that work so well for us? A lot of people reading this will say “Well yes but there are such a limited number of people who can buy into this way of thinking”.

And somewhere in your head you might start wondering: If I go hard on every workout here at CrossFit, twice a week it seems like; if I can run 26-40mins without stopping; walk 5-10km each day… maybe I should be looking at ways outside CrossFit to challenge me too!

Ok let’s make it official now – crossfit is not only NOT the best technical technical body weight exercise program out there nor is it even close! And if you still believe otherwise after having read this post then you need some serious reevaluation! You may still

How Much Does The Winner Of Crossfit Games Get 2016?

The winner of the 2016 Crossfit Games receives two tickets to live in the Athletes Village for an entire year. These are non-transferable, which is disappointing, but it’s nice to know that you’ll probably be living inside this year. You don’t get a car or anything like that as part of this prize (that I could find). The only other piece of information we have about this is right here on the official site: Winners will also receive a one-year housing stipend and travel stipend worth $50,000 between their respective regions.* Perks cannot be sold or transferred and must be used by the winners during their first full year as a resident of The Village. Winners select their residence upon arrival at The Village and may begin moving into the athlete village after the conclusion of competition. They should include some sort of art contest! That would be awesome. Maybe they could ask people to draw pictures with permanent ink? It sounds painful, but let’s go with it just so we can include it in our article. Let us know what else would be cool if they did it next year!

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crossfit coach who wrote about crossfit training for ultra distance?


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