Can Someone Who Never Had Personal Trainer Do Crossfit?

I don’t know how to use the machines. I do have a gym membership, but i have never once worked out there or taken even one class.

I last used it in 10th grade when we did leg days together in the parks and rec gym in school. I started at 16 years old after trying out crossfit in person in Austin, Texas for 3 months before moved to Indiana looking for a job opportunity.

I quit 2 months later because I couldn’t keep up with all of the information overload nor was exposed to enough variety. Fortunately for me, starting CrossFit 6 months later has allowed me to learn along with doing it correctly! Best of luck if you are thinking about getting into it!!

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can someone who never had personal trainer do crossfit?


20 Minute AMRAP of: 12 Deadlifts (touch and go) 200/135#, 12 Pushups or Kettlebell Swings 90/65# Question for you all. Do you think “work capacity” is important? When I test for max effort WODs I tend to use something like 50% of my C&J max which is nowhere near work capacity. Yes the 50% will be higher than what I could actually achieve under endurance conditions but if I’m trying to push it on a tough workout this sort of misses the point since one is trying to reach work capacity not just drive up their current 1RM by 10%. What do you guys think?