Break Blood Vessels In Fingers When I Do Crossfit?

I had my finger (oval style) de-blocked in January 2012. It was fabulous, no pain or discomfort at all & I could see it happening in the mirror. Then last weekend when i went for a run with my 14yo son, i lost control of one hand after about six miles when it started to throb. An hour later the same thing happened again when I went for yet another run this morning – although nothing like as hard….(too much adrenaline?)

My doctor said there is only “a possibility” that it could reoccur but they can’t actually stop it happening unless they do something surgically messy which is quite rare so you will be okay if you continue doing what you are doing and wait a few months until things settle down. They wont go just have to learn how to continually stop them from getting bigger! And also feel free to message us any questions…we have parents who benefit from this forum too! 🙂

How Hard Is It To Open A Crossfit Gym?

There’s no doubt that CrossFit is a hot new fitness craze, and we’re here to help you find your local CrossFit gym. Put on your sneakers and get ready to do some serious box jumping! Who Is Doing The Work For You? We take care of all of the legal work so you can put your best foot forward when it comes time for you to make an educated hiring decision. Making sure that the coaching staff and owners in any business are properly licensed and insured is just one of many important responsibilities we cover before we even start talking about how we can help you custom fit our services to the needs of your crossfit gym opening.

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break blood vessels in fingers when i do crossfit?


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