Athletes Who Have Qualified For The 2019 Crossfit Games?

For the past week, I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook Live videos from athletes that have qualified for the Games. They are sharing their story and inspiring others to achieve great things in life. Their stories have made me question why people don’t have a desire to achieve more, what they really want in life. Do you need a reason to succeed?

I started CrossFit when I was 19 years old. In my second year, I struggled with an eating disorder because he only wanted the best for me and not ever thought I could do it myself. He provided all the support in form of notes taped on my mirror reminding me to eat every two hours and that if you don’t take care of yourself then no one else can or will either. When he finally got tired of putting note after note on my mirror instead of doing something about it, he took over monitoring each meal through MyFitnessPal app after meal 1 at school. He walked down stairs repeatedly chasing me out into the garage where we began training intensely inside our little zone gym for four to five hours a day almost every day together at home since he observed my progress through his app many times before training began. At age 20, everything changed…

Do You Where Underwear Under A Crossfit Shorts?

So I’m here talking about Crossfit under garments to the point where somebody is going to ask…well, Underwear! WTF? What do you wear under your shorts? I have looked into wearing running tights that are open in the crotch. Umm…nope. Nuh-uh. Nope nope nope And don’t even get me started on why I wouldn’t want something like that when you can spend the better part of three plus hours in a squat. But let’s get back to underwear for this conversation because you know what they say; it all starts with the egg! (If you really want more details on my Crossfit girdle, check out my other post). So like any athlete worth their salt, I use workout clothing that offers extra protection and coverage without loosing what makes me who I am…my style, my form and BIG DIPLOMAS IN CROSSFIT LIKE LOSTINGAH WHO CARES ABOUT THAT??? Ok not so big but she cares enough to be offended by these condescending assholes who talk down about our workouts because how many years each gym has been around doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t built upon integrity and within an amazing community which is exactly what Crossfit does. They care about safety because they know 100% of us will drop dead doing this type of training or just plain injure ourselves during training


athletes who have qualified for the 2019 crossfit games?


) has been working hard on his up-tempo running and, as a result, responded well to the changes.” The United States struggled with injuries over the summer and was without some key players such as Russell Westbrook (knee), Gordon Hayward (foot) and C.J. McCollum (foot). But Lambright believes his team can still make it past Australia for another shot at winning gold at the 2019 FIBA World Cup. Carmelo Anthony won’t play in London Olympics Carmelo Anthony tells reporters he won’t join Team USA for the Summer Games due to an ongoing family situation — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) August 7, 2018 Story Continues