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What is the best piece of CrossFit-related news you’ve heard this year?

Every year there’s at least one major story that makes people think, “hell yes! Why didn’t I know about this before?” This year it was the rise of the WOD across all ages. Kids are loving these new types of workouts and finding success doing them alongside older athletes. More importantly, they’re experiencing something they love for the first time in their lives—so different than when kids look to parents or coaches to lead them. There’s something great about growing up with an obsession where everyone else is distracted by their own training sessions; it doesn’t really happen anymore because everyone is on some kind of supplement regimen, following fitness rules they don’t really understand, or just being “athletes” so their lives are consumed by training… but not being active themselves. It’s refreshing to have kids who have found a way to express themselves outside the monotony imposed upon them by adults, but still be successful at something even more intense than what many regular athletes can do! When you see a kid on your gym floor doing 10 pull-ups after only 2 years of climbing rope on multiple occasions per week… that’s amazing!

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How To Find Placement Percentage In Crossfit Open?

The fastest way to find your current score is to log onto and search my name: David Castro. There you will find a link to view the overall leaderboard and recent results and scores for my box. I regularly treat those results as rudimentary data points, they generally provide some insight into how we perform relative to others up here in the mountains of West Virginia, but there are no guarantees that my training or performance translates well into open competition. It’s good information as it pertains to who’s performing as compared with other locals, but I wouldn’t cite this as any sort of solid baseline or “target” for placement percentage for Open athletes until the actual Open lifts are given out closer to event time. Even then, what degree of accuracy can be expected from this sort of measurement? Let’s look at the hypothetical situation where the highest OWB score is 940 pounds instead of 1035 pounds—what does that tell us about our ability to place at all?! For one thing it would indicate that someone was lifting very high percentages, closer approaching 90%+ range than 50%. Given likely sub-standard training intensity levels for these folks (more on that later), I wouldn’t put much faith in their ability to return consistently above 900 pounds too often if ever during an Open season. Additionally, any scoring system should have absolutely NO bearing on disqualification should an athlete fail lift number 2 by 1 lb/lb up because his/her ego gets big enough to

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an who identifies as 6-year-old dominates crossfit kids class?


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