I’ll admit there are more effective options for getting a good cardio workout. I don’t think anything beats the simplicity of a good run. The barrier of entry is low enough that most people can get started right away.

If you wanted to, you could stop reading right this minute and go running. That’s all it takes. For most people who are interested in starting with running, it might seem like a lifestyle that is hard to get on board with. Seeing other people with running equipment and how far they are able to run can make running look tough.

The reality is that running is solely based on personal achievements. You will very likely want to end your run after a few minutes once you begin. This is expected and this is just fine. Everybody has a different body and everyone has their own limitations.

Running is about improving your own cardiovascular health. By making any effort to improve your cardio, you are already miles ahead(literally) of anybody who hasn’t even tried.

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